The AMA started with Alin’s message:

  • Cristi & Peter will discuss the new roadmap, tokenomics, and app development
  • Alin had meetings in Dubai with fintech & crypto VCs
  • Several LOI (letter of intent) were signed & more will be marked for investment, which will be received through equity
  • New Roadmap was drawn up together with all stakeholders

We continued with Cristi, talking about a new financial model, the updated tokenomics, some details about the app infrastructure, and a sneak peek of the app.

  • New financial model was drawn up for the next five years  with the help of Adrian, enfineo’s CFO
  • Therefore, tokenomics were modified*:
  • Supply was cut from 200M to 150M
  • Seed sale, private sale & early adopters’ number of tokens remains unmodified
  • Because of VC Funds that come from the classic business world, we were able to cut from marketing & development (30M – 11.25M). Cliff was increased to 24 months
  • Team tokens decreased (20M-10M)
  • IDO tokens (public sale) were cut (2M-750.000). IDOs are not that sought after any longer, and we also don’t necessarily want to raise funds from the public sale; instead, we’re aiming to benefit from the marketing that comes with the IDO
  • Advisors tokens decreased (10M-7.5M)
  • Staking Rewards was renamed Ecosystem, which includes staking rewards, cash back, referral bonuses, and other perks we’ll have in the future. Supply was cut (80M-63M)
  • The new tokenomics are based on a model by a significant name in the crypto industry, which is used to analyse the tokenomics of emerging crypto projects
  • Token inflation was cut to (almost) half (900%-500%) 

‼️ *We can’t stress this enough: the changes mentioned above regarding the tokenomics are not final!!

We also showed a sneak peek of our app. Bear in mind we’re still working on the design, but hey, you guys liked it during the AMA.

Next, Peter briefly mentioned the new tokenomics and discussed the latest roadmap. It’s been drawn up with all relevant stakeholders:

  • The new tokenomics (still in the works) will be finalised once we sign with one of the investors
  • Regardless of who we choose as our new investor, the tokenomics will be definitive

Peter also discussed the latest roadmap. This includes some changes, which we explained below:

In Q1, we’re planning to test virtual IBANs, and anything relating to functionality, SEPA & Swift Payments. We’re also planning to increase the number of testers from our current number to 2000 community members. That would mean there’s also going to be some responsibility on you, the investors/community members, for feedback. We want to reach 500 MAU  in order to gain feedback to implement. Moreover, we want to incorporate our core banking provider.

  • In Q2, we’re adding layers of complexity to the app. Firstly, we want to implement virtual cards, so we can test our current assumptions on this issue. Simply put, you will be able to use these virtual cards to pay. Again, we want to increase the tester base to 6000. For our MAU target, we’re aiming for 1500. 
  • In Q3, we’re adding layers of complexity to the app again. By the end of the quarter, we want to finalise features relating to open banking. We’re also planning to reach 16.000 community members, from which 4.000 are MAU.
  • In Q4, we have our most significant milestone, marked by the first commercial release of the app. We’re planning a big event, pre-Black Friday, so our users can benefit from using the app during that day. As mentioned, the first targeted market will be Romania, so we can confirm several assumptions and prepare a strategy for future country-wide releases. We plan on having 50.000 MAU. 

Q: Do you have any CAC strategy?
A: For those of you that don’t know, CAC means customer acquisition cost, and yes, we do have one. It’s split into several stages. In the beginning, we’ll have several awareness campaigns where we onboard our users. 

Q: When is TGE?
A: We’re not rushing this. It’s important that we have a working app. If we launch the app simply as a crypto exchange without you being able to use your tokens, you might as well just use one of the major crypto exchanges. We want to have something that makes an impact. We also have several milestones that we need to reach, and some of these require going live with the app. 

When we talk about the app, it’s important to have a good MAU (Monthly Active Users) metric. Again, as mentioned, the responsibility for this lies on both sides. Right now, we’re creating the app, but we need you to test it and give us your feedback

Q: Any info regarding the design of the cards?
A: It’s a long process, and the design needs to be approved by Mastercard. We’re currently working on several designs, but we still do not have the final approval. It heavily depends on Mastercard and their internal procedures, but also on what a central bank enables financial operators to have on their cards. 

Q: So TGE will happen in November?
A: No, and here’s why: as you were able to see in the updated Roadmap, we want to really test the app. That depends on the release of the token to the market because testing will no longer take place on the testing infrastructure but on the main one. So when we launch the app on the main net, the token needs to be released. As mentioned before, using the app will be invite-only from TGE until its commercial release in November. We want to create hype around our product. 

Q: Is there a partnership with Binance?
A: You might not know this, but the law firm we’re working with also helped Binance choose their community manager in Romania. So we’ve got close ties with them. However, we’re currently not considering listing on Binance, yet.

Q: Do you have any kind of strategy for international marketing?
A: Concretely, no. We’re planning on doing LinkedIn posts and Medium articles right now. For us to promote something on the international market, we’d have to change our approach completely. We’re using the same steps, namely, creating awareness around the product. We have our commercial release in Q4 this year, and only next year will we be able to develop targeted marketing campaigns. This year is highly important for the industry, as there will supposedly be several new regulations, which, if true, are going to make it much harder to penetrate other countries because you’d have to get approval for each country individually. 

Q: What’s the current state of Due Diligence?
A: The process is almost done. That doesn’t mean that we’re going to list the token immediately after. We need to have everything ready for the launch of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Q: You mentioned 2000 test users. How are you going to approach this, given that the current (Youtube) subscriber count is 1100?
A: Last time I looked at the (Telegram) general chat, there were 4900 members. We’re targeting half of those. Of course, we’re not forcing anybody to be a tester; we also have a communication strategy to gain testers outside our community. Those KPIs (testers) are essential not only for us as a business but also for investors, primarily institutional investors who look at these. 

Q: How can we sign-up to test the app?
A: Soon, the test user base will be increased, and we’ll have an official announcement regarding this so that you can sign up. The reasoning behind doing this in stages is that we needed to test the app infrastructure. As we confirm our assumptions, we’re also adding layers of complexity, increasing the user base. 

Q: Will there be any referral system?
A: Yes, it’s currently being worked on. Additionally, regarding the tokens: we don’t want to increase inflation further as the tokenomics were changed because of this. The fact that the supply was decreased by 50M tokens can generate higher returns for everybody.

Q: Any news on V0.3 of the app?
A: It will be released in Q2.

Q: Are the current Tokenomics final?
A: Not yet. It’s almost final, but regardless, the supply for investors remains unchanged. If something needs to be changed, we’ll cut it from the ecosystem category. 

Q: At some point, you mentioned an enfineo bracelet. Any news on this?
A: We’ll create a team around this product. We believe it will gain a lot of hype because this will attract Gen Z, and for us as parents, our kids will also benefit from having such an accessory. We also don’t want to give up on our loyalty points tokenization, but all of these features will be developed after we launch the app. 

Q: Anything new on staking?
A: There will be no staking until the token listing. The only improvement here is the decrease in supply. 

Q: Will we be able to order physical cards?
A: You’ll likely be able to order these in Q4. As for virtual cards, we’re planning on having these released in Q2. 

That was it for January! See you at our next AMA, where we’ll update you and answer any questions you have. In the meantime, join our Telegram community!

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