In 2014, we entered the Golden Age of Digital Transformation, and our expectations of what companies should do to improve our lives have increased considerably. Although companies are still eager to get innovative products on the market, the public has become much more demanding yet, at the same time, tired of so many changes. 


What do we want apps to do now? We want them to update, upgrade, integrate, improve, increase performance, make it faster, and do it smarter. And how do we want them to do this? Seamlessly.

Introducing enfineo: 

the one app envisioned to turn personal finance management 

into the best-organized aspect of your life.

Simplification over complication


Fintech has come a long way since its emergence in 2014. Then, the pandemic triggered the accelerated adoption of digitalization by teaching the public that most processes could be

transferred online if companies and institutions wanted it. And there is no going back from this stage. 


This is the moment seized by enfineo, with a market eager for an upgrade but saturated, tired of constant change and tech clutter. Our solution? Simplification. 



Imagine going to a store and adding up a larger bill. Then, you hand the cashier the meal voucher card while secretly dreading the “insufficient funds” message on the POS. Should you use another card instead?

“Which card would be better? 

Is this one empty? 

I should really keep better track of all these accounts.”

The enfineo solution:

Now replace all this stress with a simple swipe. 


enfineo can seamlessly integrate the information from all your accounts: bank accounts, crypto wallets, meal vouchers, and other benefits you could use to make payments (gift cards, shopping cards, and loyalty cards). Simply put, it can create a financial ID by adding all your financial information. 

Easy over busy


So, the solution to having too many apps for every single thing is yet another app? Not really. Under the pressure of high demand coming from the public, traditional banks have introduced a digital version of their services. But they are yet to meet the market’s real needs if only 30% of their efforts go into these services, and 70% remain oriented toward their traditional services. 


Neobanking on its own already is unfair competition to the traditional banking system. But the system’s resistance to change and desire to keep customers locked in disadvantageous contracts make people so keen on leaving them in the past. 



Imagine needing to create an expense debit account for your upcoming trip and already falling behind in travel preparations. How about a tedious trip to the bank for the “privilege” of opening an account in your name? With your money. And to ask for the right to handle it? And don’t forget about the extra fees for it!

“Hello, can you please create an account where I can put my own money? Another card for it? Why not? I’ve lost track of them anyway. 

Here is your extra fee for literally having done YOUR job by moving around MY money.”

The enfineo solution

Now imagine setting up a debit account on your device with intuitive options from the comfort of your house. 


enfineo makes personal financial management easier, not busier. This is an integrative solution that declutters people’s financial management. It offers a complete digital solution that will help anyone switch from traditional banking to neobanking in a second. 

Unique feature: Digital assets (crypto) to fiat integrated exchange


Despite our lives having a faster pace than before, traditional bank services are slower than we’d like. Even banks open to diversifying their portfolios and accessing the digital assets sector are still reluctant to dive into the digital market and speed things up. Therefore, operations can take more or less time, depending on the type of transaction you have in mind. It could be much easier if people had quick and unhindered access to all their assets, in whatever form, at any time. 



Imagine coming across a unique investment opportunity and having the funds for it. However, it is time-sensitive, and part of your assets is cryptocurrency. As a result, you could lose the possibility to make the transaction in due time. 

“What a great Black Friday deal!
But it might take up to a couple of days for the funds from my crypto wallet to be turned into fiat
and I might lose this opportunity.
This expense was unexpected. Good thing I have my crypto wallet.
How fast can I get my money?”

The enfineo solution:

Imagine having all your funds, fiat and digital assets, instantly accessible.


enfineo makes digital assets to fiat currency transfers possible quickly and securely by connecting your accounts and providing a crypto-exchange option within the app. This gives you control over all your finances in one single point of access whenever you need them. More than being a digital wallet with information on every card and account, it allows you to make easy payments and transfers with minimum intervention. 

Apps like enfineo show users financial management is much more than keeping a feeble track of how much you have in the accounts you use most often. It’s about showing you how much more you are worth and helping you keep track of that with updated services like transaction history and expense reports. In addition, it creates a financial ID and simplifies all issues regarding financial management.