Work in progress? Yes.
Now let’s focus on the progress.

We are getting closer to the public release date, so we decided to keep you, our close-knit community, even closer. You have followed the creation of our app since the writing of our first line of code. Now follow us closely as we release the latest updates and some details on what and why we’ve done them.

enfineo 0.4 released


1. Dark mode  
Many people in our community have wished for a dark mode option. We heard them and made this wish a reality. Ready to join the dark side?  

2. Blockchain forensics that provides a client’s risk score for crypto wallets
We implemented a mechanism of blockchain forensics that scans the address used for a transaction to check for suspicious activity related to money laundering, fraud, terrorism, or any kind of criminal activity. This is to comply with the European AML regulations and ensure we keep a secure and legitimate money ecosystem.

3. Biometric login 
Is that really you? We can be sure because we have implemented biometric authentication, one of the safest login features in this development phase.

4. Create new cards / change the color of cards
How could we claim to give power to the user over their whole experience if we dictate how their cards should look? No! Users can customize their cards from a pallet of options.


1. FTUE with suggested action display cards 
Intuitive use of the app is vital when you are seriously concerned about FTUE (first-time user experience). To this end, we are constantly making updates to improve the flow of information, like with the display cards you first see when you open your account and their order.

2. Improved UI/UX for display cards
A cool design is no longer enough. We need to make things pop like we did with the improved card design—all part of making the experience visually pleasing.

3. Improved UI/UX for transfers
We improved the look and feel of some of our transfer screens to make the process friendly and accessible.

4. Improved app performance
Shorter loading time, screen transitions, and overall app performance improvement. This is standard stuff to make sure that the app keeps up.

5. Stress testing and profiling
Before receiving a high number of users on the app, we need to ensure that it can handle many transactions simultaneously. The good news: it can!

6. New design for the major screens 
Some of our main screens have received a makeover. This may not be as exciting as a reality show version of a makeover, but we were thrilled with the result.

7. Completed the redesign for all screens and flows 
A large part of what we do is to make sure that users’ journeys through the app are smooth, the information is easy to find, and they can easily navigate and do whatever they need. To this end, as features are added or replaced, this is constantly changing.


1. Identified and solved 113 bugs

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