Hello, simplicity!

We know, we know! First-world problems, right? Having too much money to move around and to keep track of? But look at it this way. This is not only a problem for people with too much money but also for anyone who might do better if they were more aware of the funds they have at their disposal. Improved money management with increased accessibility makes people more responsible and better organized regarding expenses.

This is what Alin George Luca had in mind when he first thought of creating the enfineo app. As an entrepreneur, he saw what the market was missing – a quick and easy way to transfer crypto to fiat and a solution that would make all types of assets available simultaneously. And so, the idea of simplifying personal finance management was born, and enfineo would become this much-needed bridge. 

Coming up with the ultimate finance management solution, or creating a financial ID, may sound appealing to anyone, but bringing it to life was the real challenge. The next step in improving financial management would be to make it easier, not busier. And having a card and an account for every dime could not be the modern-day solution. To this end, Peter Barta and Cristian Mateescu joined Alin George Luca as cofounders, bringing solid entrepreneurial and IT experience to the table. 

Hello, enfineo!

Therefore, enfineo is the brainchild of Alin George Luca as founder&CEO. With an outstanding entrepreneurial background, his expertise is vital in getting such a unique and complex project off the ground.

In a world abounding in fintech initiatives, enfineo takes the cake. And it’s not only regular people getting excited to use it, but big investors and companies in related industries see the partnership as a tremendous growth and development opportunity. All in all, the project was met with great expectations by all types of future users.

 It promises increased

  • ACCESSIBILITY – Acting as a single access point for all bank accounts, crypto wallets, and membership cards.
  • CONNECTIVITY – Providing a simple way to make both fiat and crypto payments.
  • FLUIDITY – from traditional to neobanking services that give people better control of their finances.

Along with


When apps started being “a thing,” they mainly put together data that people would otherwise take a lot of time to go through and automatized these processes. But the public has higher demands from new generation apps. Financial apps, more than anything, are expected to do more than reproduce the information banks keep on us. They are expected to do something, add value, and be helpful. 

The future of financial apps is about to change, and enfineo is bound to be the game changer. Can one app shake things up so much by simplifying processes? Will this be a disruption or the creation of new industry expectations? Cleaner, easier to use, better adapted, and personalized. Let us know what you think. We’re curious. Follow us on social media.

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